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februari 2018

How to Retarget your Linkedin connections on Facebook for cheaper conversions.

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The first rule of marketing is simple: People buy from people they know, like and trust.

Marketing is that simple.

And unless you are selling water in the Sahara or toilet paper to a tourist on an Indian train, which are the exceptions to this rule, this guide is for you.

The rule also explains why retargeting your Linkedin connections is such a powerful thing to execute on.

The people you are targeting already know you, and if you have been providing value on Linkedin, they already trust you.

And of course, it’s a lot cheaper to advertise on Facebook with retargeting, your wallet will thank me for this later.

Why use retargeting?

People have broken the record of having a smaller attention span of a goldfish. In other words, your prospects need to be remembering all the value you are offering. It also helps that it’s a lot cheaper. 🙂

Here is a little test I ran to compare retargeting your Linkedin Connections vs a new target group:

The process:


  1. Download your connections information from Linkedin
  2. Upload them into a Facebook Custom Audience to create highly targeted ads to people who already know you.

Step 1: Download your contact list from Linkedin

You can download all the information Linkedin has about your contacts and yourself into nice looking files.


Most people don’t know this, since it’s quiet hidden into the Linkedin interface.


Let’s start with getting all that good-looking data out of there for you to use.


  1. Head over to your network tab on linkedin:
  2. Click on ‘see all’ → manage synced and imported contacts  → export contacts. As you can see it’s well hidden. 🙂


  1. Now it’s time to download all your lovely data. Request your archive in a fast file, no need to collect more data.

  1. You’ll receive all the data Linkedin has about your connections in your mailbox, this can take up to 5-10 minutes depending on the amount of connections (make sure to check your spam folder). In the meantime you can sip a coffee and join this channel to be the first receiving playbooks like this.
  2. Once the file is ready it’s time to download it from the email you got. Time to unzip the file and look at all the goodies. Find the csv file called ‘connections’. You’ll see a list with the following data:

Now for the good stuff.

Back in the days, when people were signing up for Facebook and Linkedin, they almost always used the same email to sign into both services. In other words, you’ll see a great overlap if we upload these emails into Facebook to create Custom Audiences.

Let’s get started?

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Step 2: Upload your contacts in Facebook to create a custom audience of your Linkedin Connections

It’s time to upload all this data into Facebook in order to build highly targeted ads to your connections.


  1. Head over to your Facebook Ads Manager (that place where you create your FB ads) to create a custom audience right here:
  2. Click ‘create audience’ → ‘custom audience’ → ‘customer file’ → ‘Add customers from your own file or copy and paste data’ . If everything went right, you’ll see this screen:

  3. Now it’s time to upload your list csv file from Linkedin called ‘Connections’, give your audience the proper name and click ‘next’. You’ll see the following screen:
  4. Facebook will automatically assign the email addresses, all you need to do is confirm the first name and last name. Click on ‘do not upload’ and choose First Name in the first column and Last Name for the second. Just like this:
  1. Click on ‘upload’ and let Facebook work it’s magic.


This process might take a while (5-15 minutes) depending on the size of your list. Go get that coffee you deserved and don’t forget to sign up to receive your next free playbooks right here:

Once it’s ready, it’s time to work your creative juices and see how you can target your audience with relevant ads.

Pro Tip: If you are working at a company with multiple employees you can create one big list of all their contacts and segment people depending on their current title for better targeting.