3 Growth Hacking trends in 2018

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1. A shift from growth hacking to growth process.

“How would you growth hack my business?

This is one of the most asked question in the ‘growth hacking scene’.

I get it.

The internet has brainwashed our brains with content that one tactic is going to grow our companies exponentially.

You read blogs like ‘The 3 hacks that got SpringSled 138,790 users’ and feel like executing all of them.

Growth isn’t about copying tactics from other companies.

Thinking these tactics will work for you is like comparing your current wife with your ex.

It’s nonsense, yet we all tend to do it.

Now, all these great companies do have 1 thing in common.

They all had a processed way of experimenting as fast as they can to understand what works and what doesn’t work for them.

The faster they run experiments in a processed way, the faster they would gain knowledge and the better their odds on survival.

This is the reason why I most wrote the first guide on how to set up your growth process within your company.

2. Growth Teams will become more data driven with tools to support them

On the 1st februari 2013 the first episode of House of Cards hit the screens.

I know by a fact that at least half of the people reading this have seen an episode or have heard about it.

But what’s fascinating is not the fact that it was such a big hit.

It’s the fact that without seeing a single episode of House of Cards, Netflix committed to two seasons of the show, or 26 episodes, bidding a reported $100 million.

That’s $3.8 million per episode.

The big question isn’t why it’s such a big success, but why did they actually know it was going to be a success in advance?

I am pretty sure you have guessed the answer already.


Similar to the NSA, Netflix tracks every action you take while watching and browsing anything on Netflix.

The difference is that Netflix does it to deliver their audience with great content.

NSA purposes are questionable.

Netflix is a research and data driven company that leverages this information to distribute and develop content that resonates with their audience.

“As Netflix has shown, content intelligence is the key to achieving content excellence.”

That’s exactly what growth teams will focus on.

Understanding that real growth doesn’t come by pulling of tactics or spending more money than your competitor.


Real growth comes from better understanding your target market through analytics and lead more people to the AHA moment of your product.

The key here is to not spend more, but to learn faster.

Are you able to pin point every single interaction users have done on your website and understand the people that complete your funnel?

If not, use this step by step guide to set up your team for data driven growth: Growth Hacking playbook part 2/20: You don’t know what you don’t track

3. GDPR will separate the fake growth hackers from the growth driven people.

The biggest question going around the growth hacking scene is: ‘will growth hacking die after GDPR?’.

It’s a great question, because it shows that people have no clue what the hell growth hacking is all about.

It still amazes me how much people think growth hacking is all about scraping emails and sending them cold messages.

Let me give you a heads up.

It’s not.

The only way this might work is if you are really early stage, with no reputation to watch over and are trying to validate your idea.

Real growth driven people understand that real growth doesn’t come from scraping stuff from the web.

They understand that, just like making a great cake, they need to create a foundation first which is by understanding how the growth process works, which kind of people you need to set up a growth team and how to run your team in a successful way to run more experiments.

GDPR will make sure that every Marketer will need to increase the level he is playing by delivering way more value than his competitor.

In a recap:

  1. Focus on the process and getting the right people in your teams
  2. Be more data-driven and grow your company by learning faster than your competitor
  3. GDPR will push you to increase the value you will need to be delivering to your audience.

Wondering how to build value for your audience?

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