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april 2018

How to get unlimited free trials at any company

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What if there was a trick to get unlimited amount of free trials with your favorite software?

This is exactly what I asked myself a month ago while cursing on an expensive piece of software with a free trial.

So I did what I like to do best, find solutions to a problem.

Here is exactly how I pull this off in less than 3 seconds and no technical skills.

Now, most people know that I have a very cheap mindset.

Why overpay if something can be tested with limited amount of resources.

It’s a mindset I had to craft over the past years with high ambition and limited budgets.

In one of my growth guides I explain how I scrape attendees from websites to segment them and see who would be interesting to meet in order to get the most of my events.

Now the problem I encountered is that the software I am using, only provides a 7 day trial.

After that, the cost goes up to a minimum of 1999$.

Which I prefer to spend on a holiday.

Here is how to bypass it with what we call an alias.

Use your normal email and add a +1.

For example mine would be:

Create an account and you’ll see that you’ll still get the confirmation mail, but the email registered is different.

The best part? It’s super scalable.

Change the number and you can make up to a million combinations.

What are you waiting for?

Here are some a case study on I personally use them.

1. Scrape unlimited amount of data with is has one of the best interfaces and scraping tools in the world.

It has made it so easy to scrape data, even a 13 year old could do it.

The only problem?

After a 7-day trial, the price goes up to a minimum of 1999$.

Which to me, sounds a like my Summer holiday going up in smoke.

I therefore use aliases to get unlimited amount of free trials to scrape the data when I need it at lighting speed.

And now you can too.

2. Find out if people are selling your data

This is a little trick I got to know from Lenny Benaïcha (currently growth manager at

Everytime he signs up to a service, he adds an alias of that company.

For example, if you would sign up to instapage he would put

The moment he receives a cold email from that particular email, he would know exactly where the data was breached or sold.

Take that Facebook.