A 15 step process to acquire and nurture B2B leads on Linkedin (without spammy cold messages or paying for ads)

Handwritten and designed for busy B2B Marketers and Founders

A step by step process written by Founders & marketers just like you

205 pages of pure value without holding anything back

Step 01. Social Selling

A complete introduction into the why, how and what of social selling for B2B teams.

Step 02. B2B target segmentation

A person who chases two rabbits won’t catch either. Learn how to chase the right rabbit.

Step 03. Ideal Customer Profile

Learn how to define your Ideal Customer Profile and why it matters for you Linkedin Inbound campaigns.

Step 04. Linkedin Content plan

Learn how to create content to make your a thought leader and human using the 50/50 rule.

Step 05. Optimize Linkedin Profile

Learn how to optimize your Linkedin Profile the non-bullshit way (we all know we need a great picture).

Step 06. Set a baseline

Learn how to measure your Social Selling performance and track your progress.

Step 07. The Linkedin Algorithm

Learn everything you need to know about he Linkedin Algorithm in 2019.

Step 08. Software picking

Learn which software you need to start and automate your Linkedin Inbound Strategy.

Step 09. Linkedin copywriting rules.

Writing copy for Linkedin is not just some jotting down ideas. Learn the 7 copywriting rules you need to understand before writing Linkedin stories. 

Step 10. The psychology of posting on Linkedin

Launching those first posts on Linkedin is going to be hard and lonely. Learn the 4 psychological factors that will hold you back.

Step 11. Audience building

Learn why 40% of your Inbound strategy depends on the audience you build and the exact way to build it the right way.

Step 12. Linkedin Pods

Learn how to use Linkedin pods to artificially increase your reach on Linkedin the right way (avoiding the mistakes we made). 

Step 13. Engaging with your audience

You got your Ideal Customer Profile, your creating content and getting your first inbound leads. How do you engage with them?

Step 14. Analytics & Metrics

What do you track, how do you track and why do you need to track progress? No, your main KPI isn’t likes.

Step 15. Writing your first post

Two simple, yet powerful frameworks to write your first LinkedIn posts.

Who is this for?

This guide is for you if

You are a CEO and/or Marketing or Sales Manager who is:

  • Responsible for acquiring more leads in a B2B environment.
  • Looking to invest in a long-term growth channel that fits their business model.


  • Your company hasn’t successfully used Linkedin as an inbound channel to acquire leads on autopilot.
  • Your company has an Average Contract Value or Customer Lifetime Value of more than €500. 
  • Your company has founders or a team with deep expertise in the domain you are selling (since you’ll be sharing your expertise on Linkedin).
This guide will teach you:
  • Understand if Linkedin inbound is a channel that fits your business to acquire leads. 
  • The exact same steps you need to follow to generate high-quality leads from LinkedIn through inbound marketing in a systematic and proven way. 
  • How to use LinkedIn inbound as a scalable and long-term channel for your company to grow.

Sneakpeaks from our previous LinkedIn talks & workshops in Spain, Czech Republic & Belgium.

Reviewed by people just like you

Marketers & Founders who also don't like wasting time on bad content

Gaetano Di NardiDirector of Demand Generation at Nextiva

This book from Andrei and Ricardo is one of the most comprehensive guides on how to start LinkedIn Inbound marketing from scratch, build a rich network of peers, prospects, and influencers and ultimately building trust with your target audience while yielding a stable flow of high-quality B2B leads. The beauty of it all? Once you get into a rhythm of providing value every week, it's like you don't even have to try. It just happens naturally. I would absolutely recommend this book for anyone seeking to step up their Inbound Marketing strategy on LinkedIn in 2018 and beyond.

Marek Kich CEO at X-Coding IT Studio

Social selling has been a very popular word lately. It's not a surprise, that like any trend, it is exploited, which can be seen on Linkedin. Usually, the results are terrible. You can almost sense some dishonesty going on in your feed. That's because people are looking for quick wins and not for a strategy or changing own behavior. This book teaches you differently. It shows you, that being human and being natural are the two principles that get you anywhere. So, my recommendation is "read it, follow the rules, share your story and get the best possible outcome.

Aazar Ali ShadCo-Founder & CMO - ECOMPLY.io

LinkedIn engagement and social selling are the biggest hurdles in my business. I’ve been posting my content on LinkedIn for a while but had no success. I was looking for a place where I could find all those learning and hacks. I’ve read several blogs but this guidebook is the most comprehensive one. In this whole book, the copywriting tips and LinkedIn Pods are the winners. I’ll recommend it to all the B2B marketers to read and implement it. Why? Because LinkedIn is the most under-utilized tool and this book tells you how to maximize LinkedIn platform and generate leads to valuable social conversation. Time to implement this guidebook right now.

Stacey Danheiser CEO Shake Marketing Group

As a B2B marketing professional and business owner, I’m always interested in learning about how to reach and connect with prospective customers. LinkedIn has long been the “go to” for business professionals, but there isn’t much comprehensive training to help salespeople and marketers learn how to do it the right (effective) way. This e-book delivers exactly that! It’s a step-by-step guide that is easy to read, simple to understand and most importantly...actionable! The authors give great examples and tell you how to take advantage of everything LinkedIn has to offer. It’s a must-read for anyone in a B2B leadership, sales, and marketing role.

Baptiste DebeverCo-founder of Feedier.com

Andrei and Ricardo have been able to put together what every marketer should be aware of. It's a well-thought and extensive guide full of actionable tips. I had an inkling of each of every aspect, but they brought my knowledge to a new level. I’m very grateful.

Jens PolomskiMarketing Director @ IMAscore (Germany)

LinkedIn is my favorite Platform for new Business and getting connected on a professional level. But I´ve noticed that not many companies use it to their optimal potential. If you want to build up your LinkedIn Channel be sure to grab the B2B LinkedIn Content Marketing book. It’s a book that gives you straight things you can do instead of just telling you what other people might do. It will give you tactics that are short and easy to understand to step up your LinkedIn Channel!

Marco CardileCommunity advisor @ Marketers

This guide is everything I needed to bring my Inbound Marketing on Linkedin to the next level. Ricardo and Andrei unveil you powerful strategies and techniques to generate quality B2B leads on LinkedIn from scratch. If you’re looking for something more than a mere list of tricks and best practices, then you can stop your research right now with this book.

Eleanor Goold Founder & Director at Kreativ Copywriting

A comprehensive and indispensable guide. Well-thought out, valuable and engagingly written, this book contains all you need to know and more about B2B inbound marketing on LinkedIn.


This Guide is a MUST read for all B2B business and agencies! This guide is so comprehensive that it covers all the questions about marketing that a B2B Business has!

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Great value, no bullsh*t & highly hands-on.