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scale up.

1 out of 2 starters leave their first job within the first year. Not because of their skills, but because of the wrong perceptions of what they really want and what the company has to offer. Kazi helps both parties communicate what they are really looking for.

We are currently helping Kazi transition from startup to scale up and from marketplace to B2B SaaS player with faster processed experimentation, niche/usp proposition discovery, side project marketing, product innovation & onboarding flows.

Faster Processed Experimentation

Learn fast, scale faster in a processed way.

We have developed our own framework to run better growth experiments with less amount of time in silly sheets. Each experiment is documented in order to shorten the learning curve of new members or reporting to higher management.

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Niche Discovery Proposition

If you want to be a friend to everybody, you are a friend to nobody.

Before starting out, Kazi was targeting everybody. Making nobody happy. Together with their in-house data scientist and industry expertise we gave them a framework to work with in order to pick a niche and start validating niche by niche in a processed way.

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Product Innovation

Building what people actually want

We had a hunch that starters discovering their work values and team roles through Kazi would help them write better cover letters. We tested this assumption in less than 2 days by creating a Landbot in order to give them a clue of what could be possible with their Kazi profile. We learned that people didn't want a cover letter generator but needed a well-structured framework and great written sentences to pick from in order to write better cover letters.

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Validate today, not tomorrow
Use these 36 tools to help validate your ideas
USP Discovery & Onboarding Flow

Sometimes, marketing isn't the only problem.

One of the first challenges we embraced was finding the USP for their different target audiences. In order to test and validate we had to deliver different propositions to different audiences and test results. One of the main problems we encountered in order to test acquisition was pretty technical. The register button was build into the homepage, making our Landing pages pretty useless. We had to work together with the engineer to recreate the register flow in order to optimize the onboarding flow, resulting in a 4,84€ CAC of high end profiles.

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Side Project Marketing

Engineered growth by witteraafcheck.be

How do you sell a service or product without being too spammy? You deliver real value upfront by solving a tiny problem your customer has. Now every HR manager in Belgium has free insights about the candidates they are hiring to increase their acquisition and retention of talent.

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Our side project (witteraafcheck.be) got featured from large newspapers (Standaard) to business news channels (Kanaal Z) and we are sharing how you can do the same thing. We have written down the process to go from idea to MVP of your side project within 3 days.

Within the first week, Ricardo helped me understand the power of Linkedin resulting in 15k views, 112 likes and 20 comments with just a single push on the button. He is the guy who aims to embrace new projects and owns them.

Nikolaas BellensCEO & Founder, Kazi

I'm not tech guy when it comes to marketing so I was lucky when I first met Ricardo. He is exact the kind of marketer who knows how to build the systems, automate and simplify processes, find new tools and ways for solving marketing challenges that every entrepreneur has.

Andrei ZinckevichFounder, Getleado

Ricardo guided our first design sprint to go from idea to prototype in 5 days. He was able to deliver it in just 4 days. Resulting in an amazing pitch at the ECB with our new established idea, Yuomi.

Geert Van KerckhovenManaging Partner, Osmosis Venture Studio

Let's start validating growth