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209 pages of pure value without holding anything back

Ricardo Ghekiere, Founder @ Fastforward & Head of Growth Kazi

01. Side Project Marketing

The complete guide to find, qualify and convert high quality leads with side project marketing in a processed way.

Andrei Zinkevich, Founder @ Getleado

02. B2B sales Funnels & ICP

B2B Sales Funnel: The Definitive Guide (Templates + Examples) + The step by step guide to create your Ideal Customer Profile.

Guillaume Moubeche, Co-founder & CEO @ lemlist

03. Outbound 3.0

The Ultimate Growth Engine: Step by step process to automate your outreach on LinkedIn / Twitter / Email.

James Cabrary, Founder Sweet Fish Media & co-host B2B growth show

04. B2B podcasts

A complete guide on how to use podcast for b2b lead generation

Angelo Sorbello, Independent Growth Consultant

05. Facebook bots

The Ultimate Guide to Messenger Marketing & Facebook Chatbots.

Gaetano Nino Dinardi, VP of marketing Sales Hacker

06. Lead Generation Techniques

31 simple, yet brilliant lead generation techniques to supercharge your sales pipeline.

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Luis SoldadoCEO, Pointfull

These guides have been a big change in all my strategy. After reading this ebook I started reviewing my internal strategy and in the next days we are going to implement them.

Konstantine Gegeshidze Growth Strategist & Marketer, Chamaileon

There is only one word how I could describe the B2B Marketers and Founders: Value. No tactics, but real processes.

Juraj ZamborskýHead of Sales & Marketing, Kontentino

Probably the best ebook you'll read in 2018. If you didn't, shame on you.

James FarrierFounder Appsurify

Really detailed work on a topic that isn't much discussed. Nice to read about some alternative marketing techniques

Caryne SayVP SaaS Marketing for Startups and Entrepreneurs

"These guides are great for anyone seeking a bigger lens to marketing! Well structured and replete with the why’s and the how’s of strategies vs. listing out a laundry list of tactics, these guides are a clear demonstration of the depth of experience and wealth of knowledge of a diverse range of people who have gotten their hands dirty in many aspects of B2B. Comprehensive, practical and easy to follow, I’d put these into the hands of my team and level up our marketing!

Peter HonsBusiness owner Honsmusic

This is a fantastic guide! I am really impressed so far. Very detailed, practical and insightful. Love it!

Karl KarafiatFounder, Sleighdogs

Smart people writing books is a good thing.

Guillaume BoiretCEO, Phantombuster

Very complete guide, good job!

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