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Some of our recent work

Producthunt Campaign - B2B Marketers & Founders

B2B growth guides for marketers & founders looking to grow after GDPR

A campaign to attract qualified members to our B2B FB group reaching 1100+ PH upvotes, 4152 unique users on the website & 392 qualified members. Spend 7,82 euro on retargeting ads.

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Kazi - Online Matchmaker

Building the Google for Jobs.

Kazi supports public administrations and private organisations in retaining and acquiring the right talent by identifying, in advance, the most important expectations behind both talent and job opportunities.

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Meet Worcc.

Changing the way we hire and get hired.

Design meets CV

Handcrafted design, gone is all the hassle with Word.

CV meets Marketing

Just like every website, every CV is fully trackable.

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Hours of growth
Yuomi - Instant Payments

Building a payment solution for ECB in less than 4 days.

Yuomi (you-owe-me) is the fastest way to get your money back.

Ticketfix - lower insurance fees

The fastest way to fight your speeding ticket for free.

Imagine you could just click a picture of your speeding ticket and have free consultation whether it could be discharged?