Side Project Marketing as a service.

Build small tools to help your audience with their minor issues. Have them come to you to solve their bigger problems.

Why would you build a side project?

How building value faster than your competitor makes you win.
Higher ROI

Many leads attracted by side projects also turn into real customers later on.

It’s easier today

Nowadays, there is a tool for everything, allowing companies to rapidly test and build side projects. 

Create lasting value

In this modern era, people are constantly getting bombarded with distracting ads. Make people care about your company by building lasting value for them.


While writing a blog might get outdated, the right side project can assure you long term relevance and scalability.


Side Project Marketing doesn’t start with ideation. It starts with clear direction.

Discover your hedgehog

What can you and your team do better than anybody else in this world?

Market Segmentation

Which market are you going after and why?

Customer Profiling

You got your market. Now it's time to figure out who you want to test your assumptions with.

An overview of the process you’ll follow

Item No.

01. Research

Who is the audience you are building the tool for? What kind of small problems do they encounter every single day?

Item No.

02. Ideation

What kind of tools can we build to help them solve these small problems?

Item No.

03. Planning

We know businesses never stop. We”ll plan what needs to happen and when it needs to happen to make sure you are up-to-date of what’s going on.

Item No.

04. Execution

This is our favorite part: getting our hands dirty and building the tool together with you.

Item No.

05. Worldview

It would be a shame if only the people within the company would use the tool. We make sure to get it in front of the right people.

Item No.

06. Ongoing

Adapt, learn and execute on the lessons we get from getting the right people inside your funnel.

Discover a curated list of Side Projects to draw inspiration from.

Discover Side Projects

Process before tactics.

You can run fast, but if you run fast in the wrong direction, you’re better off standing still.

Discover our process.Discover our process.

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