Tools Directory

Stop thinking what people want.
Use these tools to start testing what people really want.

Architects don’t go out and create buildings. They create mock-ups to figure out what people really want. Be an architect, not a movie director.

Chrome extensions

Save time, automate or just have fun with these extensions.

Mockup Generator

Gone are the days of being handy with photoshop to superimpose your designs.

Chatbot builders

Test having conversations as a human.

Looking to build for growth?

Download the step by step process to launching your Side Project in less than 3 days.

Get Process

Stock Images

Find the best stock images for your needs.

App builders

Test your app assumptions before the week(end) ends.

Color Pickers

Pick or steal colors in matter of seconds.

Beta users

Discover your first users to learn from.

Forms & surveys

Collect information of your early stage users

Logo creators

Create your logo before your pizza arrives.

“Stop Thinking, start validating”

– Ricardo Ghekiere –