Make data-driven decisions, increase the efficiency of your paid campaigns and scale what truly works for your company with the UTM Builder Template

UTM Tagging Builder

UTM tagging is a great tool that Google Analytics gives to thousands of digital marketers. If used right, it helps us analyze more accurate data and make better informed decisions. It gives us the ability to be able to determine which campaigns perform well and which ones are just throwing money out of a window.

What are UTM parameters?

UTM parameters are tags that you add usually at the end of a URL. These tags help Google Analytics recognize the source of visits by providing detailed information from where the user is coming.

When should they be used?

  • You wrote an outstanding eBook with a few backlinks to your site.
  • You sent a newsletter to your mailing list.
  • You’re running AdWords campaigns.
  • You’re doing Facebook marketing.

If you don’t use UTM parameters in all these scenarios, you will be unable to evaluate whether or not your campaigns are profitable.

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Types of UTM parameters

Item No.

01. Creator

Knowing who created the UTM will help you understand who to go to if something went wrong, you have a question around a campaign or tracking if people use your template or not. 🙂

Item No.

02. Medium

Track the medium of your traffic (email, cpc, referral, etc.).

Item No.

03. Source

This tag is mandatory, it identifies where exactly did your ad appear. That can be a specific portal name, social network name or similar.

Item No.

04. Campaign Name

This is just to identify your campaign. Like your website or a specific product promotion. For example ebook_launch, summer_sale

Item No.

05. Content

If you’re A/B testing ads, then this is a useful metric that passes details about your ad. You can also use it to differentiate links that point to the same URL.

Item No.

06. Keyword

You’ll use this mainly for tracking your keywords during a Paid Adwords Campaign. You can also use it in your display ad campaigns to identify aspects of your audience.

Your UTM Builder just got a little smarter.

Case sensitive

Google Analytics is case sensitive, so should your UTM tagging. The sheet automatically makes your url case sensitive.

URL Builder

The sheet automatically transforms your tags into the right url. No need to always copy-paste those into the url.

Data Validation

No need to always type ‘cpc’. The sheet comes with a pre-filled legend to save you time.

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Make data-driven decisions, increase the efficiency of your paid campaigns and scale what truly works for your company.