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Growth Experimenting & Go To Market Strategy

Rapid experimentation to understand what works and what doesn’t work for your business.

Paid Acquisition

Did you know you can target people in the Atlantic Ocean?

LinkedIn in & outbound

From building the right audience, to saying the right things.

CRM & Marketing Automation

Setting your company up for success.

Analytics Set Up

You don’t know what you are not tracking. Fix your parachute before jumping off the cliff.

Side Project Marketing

Building little helpful tools for your target persona to capture relevant information.

Engraved into the stones of Prague.

Company Values

Jab Jab Jab, right hook.

If you can help somebody in life, go for it. Even if nobody is looking. Always be giving.


We praise ourselves for delivering quality over quantity.

Think long-term

Athletes don't succeed because of short-cuts. Neither do great companies.

Always improving

The moment we feel we have 'reached' the best solution, is the moment we fall behind.

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We are here to help you with Full Funnel B2B Marketing

The questions

Fill in this small questionnaire to see if you qualify. We can’t help everybody.

The awesome chat

We reach out, say hi, have a great chat and see if we are a fit.

The Bottleneck Discovery

We ask you the right questions to discover the bottlenecks you are running into (since that’s kind of our job).

The Deep Dive

We analyse, talk and create a battle plan to conquer the world.

The questions

Rock & Roll. That’s pretty much how we would describe the last step.